What I can offer…

As a Psychosynthesis counsellor I am able to hold both your present challenges with compassion as well as have an open mind as to what may be trying to emerge for you at times where you may struggle to see clearly. Therefore my aim as a counsellor is to provide a reflective and non-judgemental space to explore any issues for you in a containing and empathic manner. Raising awareness about your own process may help to look at yourself, and how you relate in the world, in a different light to enable you to make different choices in life and strengthen undiscovered parts of your personality.

I work with various issues from anxiety and depression, bereavements and trauma but particularly enjoy working with clients wanting to explore cultural issues, finding a deeper meaning and purpose in their life, relationship issues and self-esteem issues

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By now you may be wondering what Psychosynthesis is…

Psychosynthesis is a psycho-spiritual approach and draws its influences from most “main stream psychologies” out there today, which makes it a well-rounded and all inclusive model. Psychosynthesis looks at our personal struggles as something we can compassionately acknowledge (rather than pushing them away) and relate to in a deeper and more meaningful way. This may lead to a renewed connection with our true self, intuition and creativity as well as a greater sense of purpose.

… and this is how I work ….

I meet clients for 50 minutes counselling sessions on a one-to-one basis and in a weekly framework at London Bridge (SE1) and Surbiton (KT6). I work in English, German and Tagalog (Filipino).

Depending on your needs from therapy, we can agree to meet on a short-term basis (6-12 sessions) to address a specific issue or long-term for deeper explorations of themes and patterns in your life that may have shaped who you are today.